Christmas movie guide: Newest festive picks of 2023
  • 4 months ago
Starting off with one streaming on Amazon Prime Video and starring Eddie Murphy. Candy Cane Lane A man makes a deal with a mischievous elf who casts a magic spell that brings the twelve Days of Christmas to life to Murphy-style hilarious results. This ones been described as cosy yet loopy its certainly a fun one.

Next - Every year at Christmas, Jackie sends a cocky and boastful newsletter to her friend Charlotte that just makes her feel like a lump of coal in Best Christmas. Ever! Streaming on Netflix. This time though, fate brings Charlotte to Jackie's doorstep. As a result, Charlotte tries to prove that her friend's life is not as perfect as it may seem on the surface.

And finally, this ones for those of you who want something not so festive but still set over wintertime. Out in cinemas is What Happens Later with Meg Ryan. Snowed-in at a regional airport overnight, ex-lovers Willa and Bill realize they're still attracted to each other -- but also still equally annoyed with each other.