'The Bubble' Cast: Where You’ve Seen The Stars Of The New Judd Apatow Movie

3 months ago
Whenever a Judd Apatow movie comes along you are almost guaranteed to see some of Hollywood’s biggest stars being put in rather ridiculous situations, but few of those compare to his latest film, "The Bubble". The movie, which centers on a group of actors brought together to film the sixth installment in the fictional "Cliff Beasts" dinosaur franchise on a closed set, sounds like some fever dream, but it is all too real and the list of actors involved is something else.

"The Bubble" cast features everyone from the acclaimed director’s wife, Leslie Mann, and daughter, Iris Apatow, to Hollywood action stars like Karen Gillan and Pedro Pascal, and even David Duchovny, and that’s barely scratching the surface. With so many names involved, you know we had to go through and break down the entire cast from this hilarious COVID Netflix comedy.