Sylvester Stallone Shares Throwback Of Intense Rocky Workout, Explains Why Getting In Shape ‘Will Kill You’

3 months ago
Sylvester Stallone is certainly no stranger to having to keep himself in peak physical condition for a role. Stallone spent the '80s and '90s playing badass action heroes like "Rocky" and "Rambo" and so it wasn’t just enough to be in good shape, he had to be in the shape of a professional boxer or soldier. However, Sly is maybe now actually regretting going through all that, as he now says getting in great shape will kill you.

Stallone shared an image to Instagram which showed him in his "Rocky" days pulling off a move that we also saw Bruce Lee do in his prime. Stallone jokes, or maybe he’s not joking, that doing stuff like that back then is the reason that his back is currently hurting him.