Chris Hemsworth On How He's Approaching 'Younger' Optimus Prime In New 'Transformers' Movie And Whether He's Using His Accent

3 months ago
When fans think about the "Transformers" character Optimus Prime, what comes part and parcel with the whole "truck becomes a robot" thing is the voice of Peter Cullen. The actor has been playing the beloved extraterrestrial hero since the mid-1980s on the "Transformers" cartoon, and his personal possession of the character was reinforced when he was cast for Michael Bay's live-action movies. That being recognized, Chris Hemsworth is going to face a great deal of scrutiny for his performance as Optimus in the upcoming animated feature "Transformers One" – but the "Thor" star has a plan and a mindset to properly honor the pop culture icon.

Hemsworth was recently asked by Collider about his upcoming performance as Optimus Prime, and it was when asked if he was going to be using his natural Australian accent that he explained his approach to the character. According to Hemsworth, the reason that the Transformer will sound different in "Transformers One" is because he is far younger than the version we already know.