BJP Wins Rajasthan| All Eyes on Baba Balak Nath- The Yogi Shaping Rajasthan's Political Landscape

3 months ago
Baba Balak Nath, a 39-year-old Member of Parliament (MP) from Alwar Lok Sabha constituency, emerges as a significant political figure in Rajasthan's Tijara constituency. Known as the 'Yogi of Rajasthan,' Balak Nath aspires to the Chief Ministerial post. His association with the BJP and assertive stance on the Hindutva agenda have made him a firebrand leader. Head of the revered Baba Mastnath Math in Rohtak, Balak Nath's charismatic image contributes to his popularity in both spiritual and political realms, shaping Rajasthan's evolving political landscape.

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