After Seeing Margot Robbie's 'Barbie,' Neil DeGrasse Tyson Thinks He Knows Where Barbieland Is Located

3 months ago
Within the world established by "Barbie," Margot Robbie’s eponymous character, her fellow Barbies, the Kens and even Allan and Midge all hail from the brightly-colored Barbieland, where the houses don’t have any doors and walls, and there’s a complete lack of water, which has people on the internet freaked out. It’s never made clear whether Barbieland is part of Earth as we know it or resides in an alternate dimension, universe, etc. However, if we assume it’s the former, astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson thinks he knows where it’s located.

Like so many moviegoers, Tyson finally got in on the Barbenheimer phenomenon, i.e. went to the theater to see both "Barbie" and Oppenheimer. On the subject of that first movie, Tyson, a man who’s well known for ripping into movies like "X-Men," "Jurassic World" and "The Martian," instead put his analytical brain to use figuring out where Barbieland would be positioned on our planet, and he shared his findings on Twitter as follows.