What happens in Vegas stays... FOREVER: Man proposes to partner of 12 years in front of daughters

3 months ago
Awe, giggles, happy tears, and pleasant vibes were all in abundance when Frank Morado decided to turn a family photo into a surprise proposal video!

"My boyfriend and I were celebrating 12 years since meeting each other, and our two daughters were on a family outing with us," the filmer, Jazmin Jimenez, shared with WooGlobe. "My daughter and I were distracted by a hummingbird when he (Frank) went down on one knee and apologized for taking so long to ask me to marry him."

Jazmin and her elder daughter's reactions to the heartwarming moment couldn't have been more adorable. They were happy and, at the same time, at a loss for words.

The excited girl became her parents' biggest supporter and even allowed them to 'kiss on the lips.' She was also confident that Frank could afford an elegant wedding dress.

"We had a beautiful rest of the day after that!" Jazmin commented.
Location: Las Vegas, United States

WooGlobe Ref : WGA175876
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