Bruce Willis' Wife Weighs In On The Matthew Perry Media Coverage, And It's Likely Rooted In Her Own Family's Experience

3 months ago
Bruce Willis retired from a long and illustrious acting career in 2022, after being diagnosed with aphasia that has since progressed to frontotemporal dementia. Every so often his fans will get an update from his wife Emma Heming Willis on how he is doing, but there’s no question that what the family is going through right now is difficult. That’s likely why she had the reaction that she did to the media coverage surrounding Matthew Perry’s death at age 54, as Heming Willis called out the “entitlement” people are feeling during this moment of tragedy for Perry’s family and friends.

Matthew Perry was found dead of an apparent drowning on Saturday, October 28, in the hot tub at his home in Los Angeles. A couple of "Friends" guest stars and other celebrities paid tribute to the actor, as Perry’s own wishes for his legacy have been making their rounds on social media. But as the media photographed Perry’s parents arriving at their son’s home and fans waited on the actor’s five "Friends" co-stars to speak out, Emma Heming Willis weighed in with a strong message regarding the frenzy.