Shannen Doherty’s Cancer Has Spread to Her Bones

3 months ago
Shannen Doherty’s Cancer , Has Spread to Her Bones.
Doherty took to Instagram on Nov. 29 to
share the health update, Deadline reports. .
While her cancer has spread to her bones,
the 52-year-old actress said, "We're on a good
regiment right now and it's working well for me,
so day by day, month by month, year by year.".
Doherty also said she's "not done yet"
in an interview with 'People.'.
I don’t want to die. I’m not done with living.
I’m not done with loving. I’m not done
with creating. I’m not done with hopefully
changing things for the better.
I’m just not — I’m not done, Shannen Doherty, via 'People'.
Doherty went into remission in 2017 after being
diagnosed with breast cancer two years earlier.
But in 2020, Doherty revealed that the cancer had
returned as Stage 4 and spread to her brain.
Doherty's podcast,
'Let's Be Clear with
Shannen Doherty,'
will launch on
iHeartRadio on Dec. 6.
She will reflect on her career,
battle with cancer and more.
My greatest memory is yet to come.
I pray. I wake up and go to bed thanking
God, praying for the things that matter
to me without asking for too much. , Shannen Doherty, via 'People'.
It connects me to a higher power and
spirituality. My faith is my mantra, Shannen Doherty, via 'People'