Eye of the Coach #85: Djokovic settled the GOAT debate

3 months ago
2023 was one of the best in Novak Djokovic’s career, up there with the level of the Serb’s record-breaking 2015 season, says Patrick Mouratoglou.

The 24-time Grand Slam champion won three of the four majors this year, reaching all four finals, and finished the year as the No 1 for a record-extending eighth time in his career.

And in the latest episode of The Eye of the Coach, Mouratoglou takes a look at Djokovic’s incredible season and assesses whether the late-season renaissance Roger Federer enjoyed in 2017 is on par with what Djokovic has achieved this season.

0.00 – The only debate people can have now is “who is my favourite player”. Who is the best? No more debate.
0.10 – 2023 is one of the best seasons of Djokovic’s career.
0.40 – Playing in the same era as Roger and Rafa says how great Djokovic’s achievements have been
1.13 – Is Novak of 2023 better than the Novak of 2015?
1.47 – How do Roger’s achievements of 2017 compare with Novak’s 2023?
02.00 – Federer’s improved backhand made him a better player in 2017 than before
02.14 – At 36/37, Federer did not dominate as Djokovic currently is doing