Exploring the Mystical Landscape of Bagh In Kashmir AJK

3 months ago
Looking for a place where you can discover nature, culture and experience something entirely different? In this video we will be exploring the mystical District Bagh in Kashmir AJK. Located close to Ganga Chooti valley it offers an amazing getaway from everyday life. From beautiful waterfalls that sparkle like diamonds against the backdrop of vast pines forests and snow-capped mountains or walking trails through lush green gardens; there is something here for everyone! Our journey starts with us visiting some unique sites located within district bagh such as Charwa Fort & swaying Palace, Umber Post office,Goleen Gardens etc. We will also check out local restaurants offering delicious traditional dishes made by master chefs so no matter what type of traveler you are, come along with us on this adventure and find out why even locals think this is one of the best places in all of Pakistan to visit!