New Claims Allege 'Yellowstone' Drama Between Kevin Costner And Taylor Sheridan Was Made Worse By Phone Call And Big Demand From The Actor

3 months ago
It appears the drama surrounding Yellowstone has gotten worse. It’s no secret that Kevin Costner has been in a disagreement for a long time now with Taylor Sheridan and those running the Paramount Network Western. However, according to a new claim, reportedly, the actor and the creator of the hit drama had a phone call earlier this summer about John Dutton’s future. Costner apparently made a big demand that Sheridan couldn’t get on board with during the conversation, making this whole situation murkier.

With the second half of Yellowstone’s fifth season up in the air, Costner and Sheridan reportedly got on a call to negotiate the actor's involvement in the show, according to a report from Matthew Belloni in Puck News (via Esquire). That call apparently did not go to plan, and it allegedly made things worse. While there has been tension between the two about Costner’s shooting schedule, especially in relation to his own Western movie Horizon, reportedly they wanted to try to find common ground and reach an agreement so they could finish Season 5B.