‘Had no idea he was involved in such risky work’: Parents of Jharkhand worker stuck in Uttarkashi

3 months ago
Even as 22-year-old Anil Bediya from Jharkhand remains stuck for the 12th consecutive day inside the Silkyara tunnel near Uttarkashi in Uttarakhand along with 40 other workers following a collapse, his parents said they would have never allowed the young man to be involved in such risky work had they known about it.

“He just told us he was going away for work, but did not tell us what kind of work he was going to do. If he had told us it was this type of (risky) work, we would not have let him go,” Anil’s mother Sanju Devi said.

Outlook’s Md Asghar Khan visited the Khirabeda village, 40 kilometres south of Ranchi, to talk to the families of three locals who are stuck inside the tunnel, even as rescuers are now merely 12-metres away from them as per reports. Residents said that poverty and lack of employment opportunities are the main reasons why the village’s youth is forced to migrate in search of work.

in Video: Md Asghar Khan

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