Hear Us Out: What If Marvel's Frequent Name Changes For Agatha Harkness' TV Show Are Actually Tied To A Huge 'WandaVision' Theory?

Kevin Feige's MCU kicked off the episodic side of Phase 4 with what could arguably go on to remain Marvel's most accomplished episodic effort, "WandaVision," and fans have been eagerly anticipating the reality-breaking drama's direct follow-up set to center on Agatha Harkness, Kathryn Hahn's purple-hued witch. Unfortunately, as we recently reported, Marvel made some big schedule changes, and not only was the spinoff's premiere pushed to pre-Halloween 2024, but the project now has its third official title in "Agatha: Darkhold Diaries." And while it would be easy to assume that the relatively frequent name changes are worrisome, I’m wondering if there’s a deeper canonical meaning behind it all.

More specifically, I’m playfully theorizing that Agatha’s nomenclature fluidity is less an issue of Marvel execs jumping (and swapping) the gun, and more the machinations of a comic book character that was front and center for a hellscape of "WandaVision" speculation: the demonic shapeshifter Mephisto. Though all the conversations and questions about Mephisto were seemingly for naught when it came to Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany’s one-season series, fans quickly shifted those ideas over to Agatha’s spinoff, given its presumably more direct ties to supernatural and evil entities.