Elden Ring: What's The Best Class? | GamesRadar

3 months ago
Understanding what Elden Ring class to choose and what the best options are, will really help in the early stages of the game. Each class comes with a loadout of weapons and pre-levelled stats with an emphasis on certain statistics known as Attributes which affect different things about your character and, as a result, gameplay. 

Defeating enemies will give you Runes you can use to level up your character to hone your build. And, due to an uncapped levelling system, you can spend points in different Attributes at any point to diversify your abilities whenever you want. For example, if you’ve been using a melee build, you might decide you want to get into magic, so you can just start spending points on boosting the relevant Attributes. Be aware, though, that this is something you should only consider late game, once you’ve already considerably levelled other stats and know what you’re doing.