Horror Ice Car = Spooky Zombie Truck x Icy Suv Thrills!

  • 7 months ago
Hello, Friends! Today, we're merging the chilling thrill of Halloween with our craft mastery! ️ First up, witness the rise of our spine-chilling Zombie Truck, roaring to life from the dead! Then, brace yourselves for an icy adventure as our SUV, equipped with blade wheels, takes on the frozen lake like never before! Buckle up, it's about to get spooky and speedy!

First up, we're morphing an average toy car into a monstrous marvel. ✨ Armed with our trusty tools, we saw, cut, glue, and sprinkle a plethora of intricate details. Our aim? To birth a Zombie Truck that sends shivers down the spine! Watch as we sculpt a grotesque face with bulging eyes and a menacing jaw from polymer clay, all animatedly moving! And no Zombie is complete without the perfect hairdo - courtesy of brush bristles! Topped off with vibrant touches and tiny decorations, behold our eerie Zombie Truck!

For next car, using an array of tools and materials, we craft a truck body twin. Windows snipped out and surfaces finely ground, it's decorating time! Our SUV takes on a reptilian makeover, with polymer clay giving it the perfect textured skin. And, for the crowning touch? Radiant headlights and chic lighting! But here's where the real magic happens - instead of regular tires, we equip our SUV with BLADE WHEELS, sharp enough to slice through the iciest of terrains! ❄️

Did you enjoy our spooky transformations? Show your love with a like! Also, let us know in the comments - Which of our creations would you ride on a Halloween night? Share this video with your crafty friends and all Halloween enthusiasts! Don't miss out on our other thrilling videos:

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