Ehsaan Faramosh | Episode 58 | 27 October 2023 | ARY Digital Drama

4 months ago
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Ehsaan Faramosh Episode 58 | Momina Iqbal | Humayun Ashraf | 27th Oct 2023 | ARY Digital Drama

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Ehsaan Faramosh is a story that talks about how jealousy and envy can destroy the most precious things in your life and the people around you…

Director: Syed Faisal Bukhari
Writer: Tahir Nazeer

Momina Iqbal,
Humayun Ashraf,
Mashal Khan,
Salman Saeed,
Dania Enwar,
Atiqa Odho,
Humaira Asghar,
Zafar Mehmood,
Sadaf Ahsan,
Jawaid Iqbal,
Rohi Ghazali

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