Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Reach 'Various Agreements' Amid Ongoing Divorce

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner , Reach 'Various Agreements' , Amid Ongoing Divorce.
'The Independent' reports that Joe Jonas has filed
to have his divorce case with Sophie Turner
dismissed after four days of successful mediation.
According to court documents, he and his estranged wife
came to a temporary agreement regarding child custody
and aim to "pursue an amicable resolution of all issues.".
Earlier this week, the couple agreed to
alternate custody of their two children
through January of 2024.
'The Independent' reports that the children
will be splitting their time between
the United States and the United Kingdom. .
After a productive and successful
mediation, we have agreed that
the children will spend time equally
in loving homes in both the U.S.
and the U.K. We look forward
to being great co-parents, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, via statement.
Last month, Joe Jonas filed
for a divorce in Miami,
ending their four-year marriage.
Weeks later, Turner filed a complaint stating that
her children were "wrongfully removed or wrongfully
retained" and demanded their "immediate return.".
'The Independent' reports that the couple's temporary
custody agreement was reached while they continue
to deliberate on where divorce proceedings will be held.
Turner has reportedly
filed for divorce in the U.K.
It remains unclear how the estranged couple will
proceed after Jonas' Miami filing was dismissed
and Turner's U.K. case remains undetermined