Meghan made her wedding playlist herself says royal DJ Idris Elba - ‘Lot of pressure’
  • 6 months ago
The Duchess of Sussex was more than involved in the details of her wedding to Prince Harry as she chose the playlist for the evening reception herself. Actor and DJ Idris Elba, who was behind the turntables on 19 May 2018, revealed to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that he barely had anything to do since the bride had done most of the work. “Meghan had sent me a playlist, so I knew what she wanted already,” he explains. The actor, who had previously performed as a DJ for Madonna and even collaborated on a track with Sir Paul McCartney, notes that those were all “high-pressure gigs.” However, when he’s asked which he found to be “most stressful”, he replies: “The wedding, no doubt. “ ...
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