Israel-Palestine Conflict: Israeli MFA spokesperson’s sharp message to Hamas | Watch | Oneindia News
  • 6 months ago
Addressing a press conference via video conferencing, Lior Haiat, the spokesperson of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs shared that Israel and IDF will do everything to regain security. He also said that Hamas will not be allowed to launch another attack on Israel. He also clearly mentioned that Israel won't be negotiating with anyone at this crisis time in the country. Lior Haiat said, “I don't think there is any court in the world that can deal with these kinds of atrocities. It is more than that. We will get to this decision after we finish the war. The most important part now is to ensure the safety of our people. I won't go into too many details. Israel and the IDF will do whatever it takes in order to regain security. We will not allow Hamas to have this capability of attacking Israeli civilians.” “We are not negotiating with anyone this time. We are in a war and I think that this is not a time for negotiation and mediation. We are still trying to secure our border to find out if there are any other Hamas terrorists on Israeli territory and to find the people who are injured in the area,” he added. Notably, Hamas on October 07 launched a “surprise attack” on Israel, firing a barrage of rockets into the southern and central parts of the country. The estimated death toll in the Hamas attack in Israel and subsequent battles has jumped to 800. According to the Israel Health Ministry, 2506 people injured have been taken to hospitals, including 23 who are in critical condition and 353 who are seriously wounded, as per reports.

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