Who Voted For Whom? | Rajasthan Assembly Elections 2023 | Data | Ashok Gehlot | Vasundhara Raje

  • 8 months ago
As the assembly elections are around the corner in Rajasthan, and the politicians are busy campaigning in different districts of Rajasthan. Today we have brought to you some data from the last assembly elections of Rajasthan. The state had its last assembly elections in 2018, where congress came out as the winners.

The Congress won by 99 seats out of 199 seats, whereas, their competitor, BJP got 73 seats. The difference between Congress and BJP was 26 seats. The rest of the parties like BSP which got 6 seats, RLP which got 3 seats, and 18 seats were won by the other parties.

Rajasthan as a state, predominantly has Hindu population. According to Census data, the Hindu population in Rajasthan is 88.49%. Whereas, the Muslim population in the state of Rajasthan is 9.07%, Christians comprise 0.14%, Sikhs are 1.27% Buddist are 0.02%, Jains are 0.91%. And 0.01% for other religions.

When it comes to gender, the ratio of female to male in Rajasthan is 928 females for each 1000 male. In the 2018 assembly elections, there were 24.5 million male voters and 22.5 million female voters. The state also recorded 2 million first time voters.

Now, this is the general data which I provided you. Now let’s get to know “Who Voted For Whom”-
Brahmins of Rajasthan were seen supporting the Bharatiya Janata Party. 45% of Bharamins voted for BJP, whereas 39% of them voted for Congress.
The Rajputs of Rajasthan were also seen supporting the Bharatiya Janata Party. 53% of the Rajputs voted for BJP, whereas only 35% voted for Congress.
The Jats were seen supporting the Congress party. Only 26% of Jats voted for BJP whereas the rest of the 30% voted for Congress.
The Other Backward Classes of Rajasthan voted for the BJP. The BJP got 46% of the vote from OBC, whereas Congress only got 38% from OBC.

The Congress garnered most votes from the SC, ST and Muslim population of Rajasthan.
The Schedule Caste gave 39% vote to Congress, whereas, the BJP could only get 34% votes from SCs.
The Schedule Tribe gave 41% vote to Congress, and BJP only got 40% vote. Although they do not have much difference in vote share.
When it comes to the Muslims of Rajasthan, 62% Muslims voted for Congress, while only 14% voted for the BJP.

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