Trump Goes Off the Rails in Response to Devastating Fraud Ruling

  • 8 months ago
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Trump Goes Off the Rails in Response to Devastating Fraud Ruling.
A judge ruled that Donald Trump and members of his inner circle were liable for fraud thanks to their efforts to systematically inflate property values while constructing his family’s real estate empire—and naturally, the former president is less than happy about the decision. On Truth Social, Trump railed against the “new, un-American depths” to which the “radical attack” against him had sunk. Calling the judge “DERANGED” and New York Attorney General Letitia James “completely biased and corrupt,” Trump incorrectly observed that the decision was “a terrible reminder that the Radical Left Democrats will stop at nothing in trying to prevent me, and the American people, from winning the 2024 Presidential Election.” Mid-rant, Trump took an abrupt detour to grouse about the fact that the judge valued Mar-a-Lago at $18 million, “when in actuality, it could be worth almost 100 times that amount.” Eric Trump was only slightly less hyperbolic in his response to the ruling on Tuesday. “Today, I lost all faith in the New York legal system,” he tweeted. “Never before have I seen such hatred toward one person by a judge—a coordinated effort with the Attorney General to destroy a man’s life, company and accomplishments.”