Screen Babble - Sex Education, The Lovers, The West Wing and Russell Brand: In Plain Sight

This week Kelly and Steven are joined by Mark Dunford, Editor of the Crawley Observer. The team have enjoyed a wide range of TV and film this week. Steven shares the dark and light. The light in the form of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Steven is enjoying the new season much more than the last and we debate whether it would be better to burn out than fade away. The dark is brought by Dispatches' documentary Russell Brand: In Plain Sight which Kelly watched too. The team discusses the challenges of making such documentaries.

Mark has been to the cinema a few times this week and tells us about the next installment of Kenneth Brannagh's Poirot, A Haunting in Venice which he thoroughly enjoyed - find out why. Kelly has sacked off a few programmes that were going nowhere and to her shame started Below Deck - listen as Steven passes out with exasperation.

On the 'deep dive' Steven brings us up to speed with Sex Education as its fourth and final series lands. Having watched the new series it's a big thumbs up from Steven as he explains on this week's episode.

Finally, Mark takes us 'back to the future' with an absolute, all-time classic, The West Wing. Find out what made it so good and why it's still a quality watch nearly 20 years later.