• 10 months ago

Tracy and her father went to a restaurant for a family dinner, and her boyfriend, who was sitting at the next table, mistook the man for Tracy's lover. However, after learning that her father was quite wealthy, the young gold digger forced his girlfriend to marry him in order to take his money. Will he find out that the man is actually Tracy's father?

This was funny as heck right here. I love how the dad was playing along through the whole video, it was funny. Love the actors and the plot of this video. Once again, Garry, thank you for another video, this was good. Thanks for sharing and have a nice day!

Once again an incredible story and video, team DramatizeMe! Enjoyed each part of it!

I would like to take the time to infer that It’s really important to never cheat on someone behind anyone’s back because it damages the reputation of the one you love in the first place.

I almost never laugh but this one got me rolling and crying from laughter.

There is nothing better than starting my sunday with another great and so funny DramatizeMe story!!! Thank you so much!!!

O my goodness.... You guys are killing us. Love the ending. Great humor for the day with fantastic actors. Couldn't stop giggling throughout.

This was absolutely hilarious, kudos to the dad for playing along.

I find it disturbing that a father and daughter pretended to be a couple

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.”
“Whatever you do comes right back to you.”

I would like to take the time out to thank you, Mr. Garry and your AMAZING CREW MEMBERS for giving us AMAZING videos on a daily basis, and for that I truly THANK YOU.

I keep coming back and watching this episode. It always puts a smile on my face. A pure joy to watch! Thank you DramatizeMe!

This was so very entertaining..I couldn't wait for the truth to be revealed..this man played the father's role so very well...

DramatizeMe, you continue to leap to new heights of entertainment!!! This is my new FAVORITE video! It shows that you should never assume and should always do homework. This is so apropos and germane at this moment in time. This video would have scored high, even without my favorite 3 actors in it. The writing was excellent! The actor that played the daughter has talent and screen presence to be a regular on a weekly TV show. I cannot say enough about the actor that plays the father, he is a personal hero of mine on and off the screen. The actor that played the boyfriend has contributed to countless excellent videos on this channel. The make up artist, the writing, the direction, the sound editing, the camera work, the acting, the whole production blended together for a new apex production! Your channel is well deserving of sponsorship!

yesterday, you made me cry with your best ever life lesson video, now you made me laugh with this one, your creative team including your writers are brilliant, amazing. great job.