Sen. Mitch McConnell Freezes Again While Speaking

6 months ago
Sen. Mitch McConnell , Freezes Again While Speaking.
McConnell was speaking with reporters in Kentucky when he was asked if he'll run for reelection.
The senator froze and didn't say a word for over 30 seconds, NBC News reports.
An aide approached him and
asked if he heard the question,
at which point McConnell
was still unresponsive.
McConnell eventually re-engaged with the reporters and answered a different question about GOP Attorney General Daniel Cameron.
However that question, and others,
had to be repeated to him.
A spokesperson later
commented on his behavior.
Leader McConnell felt momentarily lightheaded and paused during his press conference today, Spokesperson for Sen. McConnell, via NBC News.
Another aide said that the 81-year-old senator "feels fine" but will see a doctor prior to his next engagement as "a prudential measure.".
In July, McConnell had a similar experience, freezing for 19 seconds during a news conference in Washington.
At that time, he was escorted away from reporters only to return later and say, "I'm fine.".
The latest incident has prompted
calls for McConnell's resignation.
Severe aging health issues and/or mental health incompetence in our nation’s leaders MUST be addressed. , Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, via X.
​​This is horrifying and dangerous. Biden. McConnell. Fetterman. Feinstein. They all need to go.
End this charade already. , Monica Crowley, former United States assistant secretary
of the Treasury for Public Affairs, via X