Baking maestro flexes her sparkling creativity via a GLAMOROUS edible eyeshadow palette

  • 10 months ago
Mystique from X-Men may be able to turn into anyone at any given time, but she cannot hold a candle to the immensely talented Keran Hart, who can transform a cookie into any object in the world!

In this pleasant montage, Keran creates a delicious cookie in the shape of a stunning eyeshadow palette. And that's not all because the artist then adds even more detail to the cookie by introducing glitter to the mix.

"I have a passion for decorating and creating, and I always think of new and fun ways to decorate with a range of mediums," Keran revealed to WooGlobe. "Glitter cookies are addictive! That glamorous shine on an edible eyeshadow palette is the perfect touch to a pamper party birthday set!"
Location: Wellington Point, QLD, Australia

WooGlobe Ref : WGA395735
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