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Shin Chan Masala Story The Movie || Crayon Shin-chan: Fierceness That Invites Storm! Yakiniku Road of Honor

Just as Shin-Chan's family gets ready for a barbecue dinner, they are shocked to learn that they are being framed by a mysterious gang. Shin-Chan and his friends must find the real culprits.

Misae reveals that she was planning a massive tasty dinner for that night, and to save money for it, she was cutting costs on breakfast. That elates all of them. Just then, a car crashes in their compound wall, breaking the wall and Shiro’s bowl. A man comes out and tells that some people are chasing him for something he has and they need to help him. Hiroshi suggests him to go to the cops, but the man refuses. Just then, Shin-Chan tells there is someone else too, which scares the man, and he tells that he has given that thing to the Noharas.

NAME – Shinchan Masala Story The Movie
AUDIO – Hindi
GENRE – Crime + Action
RUNNING TIME – 1h 28min

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