8-year-old Swiftie buys Eras Tour tickets after she raised $1,300 by selling lemonade and friendship bracelets

  • 10 months ago
A young Taylor Swift fan was able to buy her 'Eras Tour' tickets after she raised £1,000 ($1,300) - by selling lemonade and friendship bracelets.

Eight-year-old Charlotte decided to raise the money after her mum Christina Wagner failed to get tickets due to the Ticketmaster fiasco.

Christina, 37, has been a Taylor Swift fan since her mid-twenties, and wanted to share the experience with her young daughter, who is also a fan.

Unfortunately, like many other Swifties, the stay-at-home mum failed to get tickets and lost all motivation to carry on trying.

But young Charlotte didn't take no for an answer.

She started selling friendship bracelets and lemonade and raised £1,000 ($1,300) for re-sale tickets.

On July 7 the mother and daughter duo were able to see the pop music icon at the Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

An emotional video shows the moment Taylor Swift turned up on stage and Charlotte singing through tears of joy.

The mother and daughter from Lawrence, Kansas, nearly missed out on the amazing experience after a ticket fiasco.

Christina failed to get tickets in November 2022 after trying for eight hours and then randomly being "kicked off" the Ticketmaster website.

Christina said: "After trying to get tickets for eight hours I was kicked off the website and I just didn't want to try again at that point.

"I was not going to try hard and get tickets, but Charlotte decided that was not an option so she started raising her own money selling lemonade and friendship bracelets.

"Resellers had tickets priced so high I didn't see how it would be possible for us to go.

"The lowest I found was $1300 through stub hub but she did not give up."

Charlotte set up her lemonade stand in April and spent her evenings and weekends trying to raise money.

As the weeks got closer, Christina and her daughter started to o lose hope they wouldn't get tickets.

But after three months of work, Charlotte finally raised the funds for the resale tickets.

As the mother and daughter prepared to try to buy resale tickets, a Taylor Swift fan they met on their journey contacted them to offer them two secured tickets at £101 ($130) each.

Christina didn't hesitate and accepted the offer.

She said: "We met many amazing people along the way, who supported, donated became our friends.

"We met one girl who was also a Swift fan, her name is Mariyah. She gave her friendship bracelets and money towards tickets.

"On June 27th which is also Charlotte's birthday she turned eight.

"I got a message around 10:30 am that the girl we met selling lemonade had gotten a fan-verified code and secured us 2 $130 face value tickets."

Christina said the remainder of the cash raised has been spent on some toys and Charlotte intends to pay it forward to "somebody in need."

Charlotte has been singing along to Taylor Swift's tunes since she was able to speak - so being able to see her in concert was a special moment.