Aerial View of the MSG Sphere transformed into an eyeball at Venetian in Las Vegas

  • last year
Paige Herrboldt's video offers a captivating aerial view of the MSG Sphere at Venetian in Las Vegas, transformed into an impressive eyeball-like structure.

The sheer scale and unique design of the sphere make for a thrilling sight, especially when seen from the vantage point of an airplane.

The video allows you to appreciate the grandeur of the sphere, standing tall at a staggering height of 366 feet.

Its exterior is adorned with an astounding 1.2 million LEDs, creating a mesmerizing display that solidifies its status as the largest video screen on Earth.

This architectural marvel showcases the innovative fusion of technology and design.
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
WooGlobe Ref : WGA962684
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