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Saw 6 {2009} Hollywood Movie Story Explain In Hindi | Horror| Thriller |

Predatory lenders Eddie and Simone are locked in head harnesses with screws aimed at their temples, and have one minute to each cut flesh from their bodies and weigh the scale in their favor to survive. Eddie, who is overweight, slices several chunks of fat from his stomach, but is killed after Simone chops off her arm and tips the scale before the timer expires. The game is observed by Mark Hoffman, who has just escaped from the trap that killed FBI agent Peter Strahm. He then uses Strahm's severed hand to plant his fingerprints at the scene. The police and FBI agent Dan Erickson investigate alongside FBI agent Lindsey Perez, whose survival was concealed by Erickson for her protection. During Eddie's autopsy, Dr. Heffner reveals that the blade used to cut the puzzle piece from his remains is the same blade used years earlier on Seth Baxter. Perez and Erickson reopen the investigation, and analyze the videotape found at the scene.

Hoffman arrives at Jill Tuck's clinic and demands five envelopes containing photographs of the following game's test subjects from the box left to her in John Kramer's last request. The game involves health insurance executive William Easton and his associates, whose company's dubious business policy turned down their clients' coverage for medical treatment. After Hoffman abducts them to an abandoned zoo, William and his janitor, Hank, are suspended in chains with large metal vises that will crush their bodies each time they breathe in their oxygen masks. The vise kills Hank, and William proceeds to his other three tests to unlock the remaining bomb shackles from his limbs. The second test at an aquarium forces William to save his middle-aged secretary Addy over his file clerk Allen, who hangs to death from a barbed-wire noose. At the boiler room, William unwittingly releases his lawyer Debbie, who attacks him to retrieve a key inside his body and unlock a speargun attached to her harness. He fights her off until the device kills her. William's final test involves his six subordinates chained to a rotating roundabout where he is only able to save two of them from a mounted shotgun. The game is viewed by mother Tara with her teenage son Brent, and news journalist Pamela Jenkins from two opposite animal enclosures below the observation room.