Boat accident: 'Death bought for Rs 23 lakh'; 'Greek Coast Guard Watched Sinking' | maan news
  • 9 months ago
ATHENS: Hundreds of people have since gone missing and the death toll is rising after a boat of migrants trying to reach Italy illegally after paying agents 2.3 million rupees for a better future capsized in Greece. . An investigation by the International Broadcasting Corporation revealed that the incident was caused by the criminal negligence of the Greek Coast Guard. Investigative reports by British broadcasters and newspapers have revealed that the boat accident was caused by gross negligence on the part of the Greek coast guards, otherwise human lives could have been saved. The British broadcaster BBC has claimed that the Greek coastguards' criminal negligence has been exposed in the boat accident, which evidence has also been obtained, and the Greek authorities did not respond when contacted. According to the report, the boat headed towards Italy until shortly before the accident, while the Greek coast guards refused to help. Kirk continued to seek help from the Coast Guard. The BBC report revealed that at 8:00 a.m. ET on Tuesday, the European Border Force spotted the boat for the first time and informed the Greek authorities about it. At the direction of the Guard, the crew provided food and water to the stricken boat, the Coast Guard recovered the boat half an hour later with the help of a helicopter.