4 months ago

Dad goes into laughing frenzy after daughter tells him she's 'getting married'

Here's a rib-tickling depiction of 'nobody knows you better than your dad.'

The hilarious clip, shared by Blue Chechile, features her dad, Lebohang, having a laughing fit while being pranked by his daughter.

"I pranked my dad and told him my boyfriend’s uncles were coming to pay dowry, so he could marry me," Blue told WooGlobe. "And this was his reaction."

Lebohang not being able to stop cackling and listen to what the filmer is trying to tell him, is clear proof that he wasn't buying any of it.

Blue would have had better luck trying to sell him a bridge that day!
Location: Welkom, South Africa
WooGlobe Ref : WGA612538
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