4 months ago

Boys can't stop laughing after mom cracks a pea-nomenal joke

Rib-tickling footage has surfaced from Highland, Utah, which shows two boys finding it impossible to stop laughing at their mom's joke.

The comical clip starts with Marie Loveless filming her boys as they enjoy munching on frozen peas.

And then comes the part which leaves the lads in splits.

"My son was eating from a bag of frozen peas one night, so I asked him what flavor they were," Marie shared with WooGlobe. "Then I told him they were 'pea' flavor and both of my boys started laughing."

Hence it's proved that healthy food isn't always boring. One has to find a way to at least make it look fun!
Location: Highland, Utah, USA
WooGlobe Ref : WGA586134
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