Arnold Schwarzenegger Names His Most 'Underrated' Role, And He's 100% Right

  • last year
As Arnold Schwarzenegger’s "FUBAR," the actor’s first leading role in a scripted series, soon arrives on Netflix, the icon has a huge career of movie roles to look back fondly on. From "True Lies" and the first "Predator," to "Total Recall" and, of course, the "Terminator" franchise, which he recently shaded when talking about sequels, Schwarzenegger has had a lot of hits over the years. But there’s one of his movies that bombed at the box office that he named his “most underrated role.”

His answer is completely right. It was his follow-up to arguably his most beloved movie of all time, "Terminator 2: Judgement Day," and yet it was not embraced as such. Here is Schwarzenegger’s pick in his own words.