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Chicago’s Scariest Observation Tower | John Hancock Center

Mediakraft TV
Mediakraft TV
Today we discover the history of Chicago's "875 North Michigan Avenue", or in other words - The John Hancock Center!

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00:00 - Introducing the John Hancock Center
01:02 - The team Who envisioned John Hancock Center (Jerry Wolman, Skidmore, Owings & Merril, Bruce Graham)
03:07 - The Birth of Chicago’s Magnificent Mile
05:34 - Construction of John Hancock Center
09:55 - John Hancock Center’s famous X brace architecture explained.
10:58 - What’s Inside the John Hancock Center?
13:40 - What’s outside the John Hancock Center?
15:15 - Why John Hancock Center changed its name to 875 North Michigan Avenue
15:52 - The John Hancock Center in Popular media
16:48 - Tragic events at John Hancock Center (Chris Farley, Scaffolding accident, Elevator accident)
18:31 - Celebrating the Legacy of John Hancock Center | 875 North Michigan Avenue
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