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"I'm not ashamed to admit I overshare like Gwyneth Paltrow - I want to get people talking"

Meet the woman who says she overshares like Gwyneth Paltrow and is not ashamed to admit it - as she wants to get people talking about mental health.

Alysha Brooks, 33, is a self-confessed oversharer - and said she is often being told to keep quiet.

Growing up, she says her parents often told her not to tell people certain things - like telling strangers where they live and talking about her personal life.

But the social media manager says she often overshares to get people talking about their mental health after her own struggles.

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow has spoken out about being a shameless oversharer and that she won't stop telling people about her personal life.

Alysha, from New York, said: "My entire life I have heard people tell me to stop oversharing.

"I get why, they're telling me that to help me not hurt me, they could also be telling me that because what I'm telling them makes them feel uncomfortable.

"Oversharing is really not that awful. Number one: I am oversharing my own life, not your life.

"I try to be very careful about what I say and who I say it about. I try not to include my parents or my family.

"I try to only talk about myself and my problems, I am not ashamed to be an oversharer."

Alysha says she previously suffered with depression.

She found sharing helped - so wants others to do the same.

She said: "I often talk about my mental health struggles, you know, in depth, stuff like that people hide as it makes them feel ashamed.

"I don't feel ashamed about it, there has been times when I was younger and my parents would be standing there and yelling at me for oversharing.

"Now I don't feel ashamed, I feel empowered by oversharing, this is happened in my life and I feel in control of it.

"I hope my sharing an experience other people hide, I can help people who are going through it.

"I was once told by someone in Italy that Americans are annoying because we overshare everything."

Alysha said people sharing their perfect life on social media is a big reason why she shares her struggles on the platform.

She said: "When I was at the depths of my depression, I would go on social media and see everyone living their best life and it would make me feel inadequate.

"I don't post about my husband, my marriage or my kids but other people do.

"I post more about my depression and mental health.

"People will always make you feel judged or ashamed but if you are doing it with your best intention you are doing nothing wrong.

"The first few times you speak out will feel uncomfortable but you will be surprised by the outcome and the people that will be inspired by you."
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