Ecooter E5 review: How efficient is it versus a gasoline-powered scooter? | Top Gear Philippines

  • last year
We’re featuring more electric vehicles in our channel these days, and for this video, we have another one: the Ecooter E5. Unlike the Sundiro Honda S07 and the Muji Honda MS01 that we’ve reviewed, this is a full-fledged electric scooter, meaning bike lanes are off-limits to it, and it requires registration, a driver’s license with the correct restriction code, and a legit motorcycle helmet to use.

We tested the Ecooter E5 for over a week on our regular route in the city, so this video will cover performance, ride and handling, charging, and features. We also work out a rough estimate of how more efficient it is to run compared with a gasoline-powered scooter. What are the pros and cons of using an electric motorcycle, and does the Ecooter E5 merit its P285,000 asking price? Click play on the video above for the full review.

Presenter: Leandre Grecia
Editor: Sharleen Banzon
Videographers: Sharleen Banzon and Teddy Garcia Jr.

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