'Ted Lasso': What Roy Said To Keeley, Explained

9 months ago
Major spoilers for "Ted Lasso" Season 3, Episode 8 – “We’ll Never Have Paris” – ahead. Watch with caution. If you aren’t caught up with the comedy, you can stream all the episodes, plus new ones every Wednesday, with an Apple TV+ subscription.

Over the course of the last few episodes of "Ted Lasso," we’ve all been basking in the joy of the show, as our favorite characters rode bikes around Amsterdam, had big epiphanies and actually started playing football well. However, in Episode 8 the series brutally brought us back to the ground, and it reminded us that every person on the 2023 TV schedule hit comedy is a flawed human, including Roy Kent. I bring up this sad fact because as Keeley dealt with the ramifications of an intimate video of hers being leaked, Roy had a less-than-ideal and selfish reaction to the news, and I’m flustered by it.