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Shinchan Movie Robot Dad (2014) Movie In Hindi / Crayon Shin-chan: Intense Battle! Robo Dad Strikes Back Movie In Hindi

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In the beginning, Shinnosuke and Hiroshi were watching the new Kantam Robot movie. It featured characters like Kantam Robot, his wife Sheila, their son Kantam Jr. and the mastermind Akogidesu. After watching the movie, they went out. They played sometime in the nearby park. There they met a middle-aged man named Susukita Osamu. Hiroshi gave Shinnosuke a ride on his shoulder. But then he gets a strained back. On their way home, they meet a mysterious lady called Omega Ranran who worked at a massage salon. She is characterised by large breasts, which Shinnosuke imitates to tease Hiroshi. She talks with them, offers Hiroshi a free massage. But only Hiroshi was allowed to go into the store. Hiroshi was forced to sleep by the lady, and was remodelled...
Later, Hiroshi woke up and his body felt better. Meanwhile, Shinnosuke was telling Misae and others about the lady's meeting with Hiroshi, and imitating the lady with large breasts. Hiroshi then arrived at home and met his family, who were surprised on seeing a robot. Misae said ”who are you?”. They could not believe their eyes at first, but finally Misae understood that the robot is Hiroshi. But she doesn't let him take into the house. Hiroshi had to sleep in Shiro's house. He realised that it had got to do something with the massage salon and the lady.
Next morning they went to the massage salon. But the salon was vanished. So Misae went to the Kasukabe Police Station. The chief Kuroiwa Jintaro ordered the police officer, Dandanbara Teruyo to find the lady massagist who had vanished. But they couldn't find.
Nohara family lived a few days with Robot Dad.
One day Himawari kindergarten had a school trip to a river side building under construction. Kasukabe Boueitai was forced to step up the elevator by a robot. But the top of elevator was nothing. So they jump up and hung on a reinforced concrete, swinging in the air. But the rope of reinforced concrete was cut off and they dropped into the air. They were in a dangerous situation. Then Robot Dad comes and saves them all.

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