A selfie with the future Queen! Prince and Princess of Wales beam in snap alongside Alison Hammond from Birmingham visit

  • last year
The Prince and Princess of Wales appeared overjoyed as they posed for a selfie with a beaming Alison Hammond during their visit to Birmingham yesterday.

Kate Middleton, 41, visited Britain's second city alongside Prince William, 40, to celebrate the area's diverse culture and heritage and meet future leaders in the creative industries.

This Morning host Alison, 48, who hails from Birmingham, joined the couple in the historic Jewellery Quarter and she even promised to make them a classic Jamaican dinner at her house the next time they visited.

She went on to share a selfie they had snapped at the event on her Instagram page, writing: 'These two are everything! @princeandprincessofwales Thanks for popping by in Birmingham.

In the snap, Alison appears to be in high spirits, grinning from ear to ear as she huddles in alongside the royal couple.

Meanwhile Kate and William were also beaming, apparently overjoyed to have met the ITV presenter during the visit.

And it wasn't the only selfie which the royal couple were seen taking during the visit.

While on a walkabout in the city, Prince William could be seen leaning forward to snap a picture with members of the public.

Although there is no official protocol on selfies, the royals have a rule against signing autographs, so that they can't be sold for large amounts of money.

And in the early days of camera phones, they seemed to shy away from being snapped with members of the public with Princes William and Harry and King Charles all voicing their dislike of the method.

However, in recent years, they've become commonplace, with Charles posing for his first selfie all the way back in 2014, and other royals from Sophie Wessex to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle following suit.

The late Queen Elizabeth II was not a fan of selfies and would politely decline if ever asked to take one, as she was thought to prefer eye contact. However, this was more of a personal preference than a rule of any kind.

William has previously joked that he is 'allergic to selfies' while Harry once told a teenager that 'selfies are bad' and told her to 'just take a normal photograph' when she requested one in Australia in 2015.

However in recent times it appears some royals have grown fonder of the selfie, perhaps viewing the form of photography as way of embracing modern times and connecting with fans.