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shinchan treasure of buri buri kingdom In Hindi / Crayon Shin-chan: The Hidden Treasure of the Buri Buri Kingdom In Hindi

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Prince Sunnokeshi of Buri-Buri Kingdom gets kidnapped by several men. The King orders Sunnokeshi's personal guard Ruru to search for Sunnokeshi.

Meanwhile in Kasukabe, strange men start spying on the Nohara family. They then trick them into winning the golden prize of a lottery wheel: a vacation to kingdom.

While travelling to the Buri-Buri Kingdom by plane, the only two other passengers on the flight reveal themselves to be disguised members of a group called the White Snake Gang. Shinnosuke and his family escape the flight by jumping out of a hatch with parachutes.

Shinnosuke and his parents fall in a dense forest. With limited supplies, they traverse through the jungle. They are suddenly met by a group of monkeys who help them by bringing food and giving them shelter. That evening, one of the monkeys gives Shinnosuke an artifact resembling a pig's nose.

The next day, the Nohara family continue their journey. They manage to return to civilization after locating train tracks and board a train. They are met by Ruru, who mistakes Shinnosuke for Sunnokeshi. Ruru then explains her mission to the Nohara family and explains the resemblance of the two boys. Then, men from White Snake Gang appear and snatch Shinnosuke from Hiroshi, Misae and Ruru. Before the men leave, Ruru manages to attach a tracker to one of them.

Shinnosuke is taken to the White Snake base and is thrown into a cell by the gang leader Anaconda and his henchman Mr. Herb. In the cells, Shinnosuke meets Sunnokeshi who explains that the White Snake Gang is searching for the legendary Buri-Buri treasure located in a booby-trapped palace, and that access to it can only be achieved by inserting Sunnokeshi and Shinnosuke into its keyholes.

The next day, Anaconda and Mr. Herb, along with other men from their gang, use Shinnosuke and Sunnokeshi to enter the palace. Anaconda finally gets his hands on the Buri-Buri treasure, which is seemingly a rusty lamp. Anaconda then performs a special dance, summoning the Buri-Buri genie capable of granting one wish.

Suddenly, Shinnosuke's parents and Ruru arrive using the tracker. Before Anaconda is able to make a wish, Shinnosuke wastes it by asking the genie to get him an autograph of his favorite news reporter. While Anaconda is angered by this, Mr. Herb finds a hidden second lamp. He then betrays Anaconda and reveals his intention to use the lamp for his own desires.

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