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Health Nest ,Diabetes is common disease in this video i will explain what is diabetes?causes of diabetes?sign and symptoms of diabetes?treament of diabetes?suger ka ilaj /diabetes type 1 type 2.suger /diabetes is quite common also among female diabetes is a group of diseases in which the body doesnt produce enough insulin diabetes has two types type 1 and type 2 type one diabtes is dependent insuline and type 2 diabetes is called non insulin dependent diabetes and we can treat type 2 diabetes with medicins and diet control type 2 diabetes has main cause genetically transfer type 2 diabetes transfer through gens seccond reason is obesity diet and enviorement also can cause diabetes have no specefic targeted symptoms but have some commonally symptoms i will share some commonally symptoms like frequent urination increase appetite how we can diagnose?we can diagnose through urine test and with blood test both test can detect diabetes can not cure completely but we can managemnt with diet with exercise .