Brock Lesnar Talks Leaving WWE...HHH Has To Answer To Vince...WWE Morale Nuked...Wrestling News
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Biggest WWE News Stories and Rumors

0:00 Intro
0:36 Numerous Changes Made to Raw
2:08 WWE Morale Down
3:31 What’s Triple H’s Role in Creative?
4:15 History Repeats Itself
5:03 A Sense of Inevitability?
5:26 What Happened to Cody After Brock’s Brutal Beatdown?
6:21 Brock Lesnar Talks Finishing Wrestling
7:09 Was Cody vs Roman a Triple H Idea?
7:51 Lita Looking Beat Up
8:19 Bayley Absent from RAW
8:46 Seth’s Strange Segment
9:03 You Can’t Fool Roman

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