Arkangel – Warrior Rock, Funk / Soul, Prog Rock 1980

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Wind Face
Pange Lingua Certaminis 0:41
Warrior 4:15
March Of The Ents
Dwelling Place 4:29
Paradox (Disciples Song) 3:23
Realization 1:19
Greater Love 3:18
Praises In The Old Toungue (Caedmon's Hymn) 1:19
Fire Face
Ex Nihilo 1:57
Morning's Anthem 5:50
Elohim Considers Antedeluvia 1:42
The Nephilim Disembodied 0:41
Ark 4:28
Beastia Ex Machina 0:41
To A Sleeping Infidel 3:20
Morning's Anthem Reprise 0:24

Band, Drums, Tom Tom [Mall Toms] – Randy Sanchez (2)
Band, Lead Guitar [Full Frontal Electric Guitar], Rhythm Guitar [Rhythmic Electric Guitar], Bass Guitar, Vocals [Voices] – David Marshall*
Band, Synthesizer, Electric Piano, Piano [Malletized Piano], Alto Saxophone, Flute – Richard Conine
Band, Vocals [Voices], Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Dulcimer, Psaltery, Lute, Recorder, Harmonica, Autoharp, Accordion, Bells [Tubular Bells], Synthesizer, Drum [Medieval Drum], Percussion [Board Slaps], Kalimba, Percussion – Kemper Crabb
Band, Vocals [Voices], Autoharp – Bekah Crabb
Design [Back And Insert] – Mundina Halbert
Design [Front] – George Werth
Design [Reformatted Design] – Allison Smythe
Mastered By [Mastermixed By] – Hank Williams (2)
Musician [Additional], Bagpipes – Andy White (23)
Musician [Additional], Bass Guitar – Brian Tankersley (tracks: 9)
Musician [Additional], Bells [Rim Bells] – Quasimodo de Notre Dame (tracks: 12)
Musician [Additional], Vibraslap – Olias Of Sunhillow* (tracks: 12)
Musician [Additional], Violin, Synthesizer – Steve Young (39) (tracks: 8)
Producer [Produced By] – David Marshall*, Jimmy Hotz, Kemper Crabb
Recorded By – Jimmy Hotz, Paul Mills (3)
Typography [Calligraphy] – Dianne Reding