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Woman who hasn't shaved her body hair for two years finally embraces her hairy legs and armpits

A woman who hasn't shaved her body hair for two years finally feels comfortable in her own skin and "loves" her hairy legs and armpits.

Rosie Hewett, 27, started waxing and shaving when she was just 10 - as she felt insecure about her natural body hair.

At primary school, Rosie says she would win competitions against boys for having the hairiest arms.

As she got older, boys at school would point out her moustache and Rosie wouldn't dream of leaving the house without shaving her legs.

In 2021, Rosie decided to "let it grow" and started embracing her natural look by not shaving her armpit hair.

Rosie felt empowered with her underarm hair and decided to stop removing any form of body hair altogether.

Rosie is now happy embracing her natural look and says "there is nothing wrong with being hairy".

She has saved 208 hours in time by ditching the hair removal routine.

Rosie, who works in communications, from Reading, Berkshire said: "Body hair was something I was so insecure about.

"Boys loved pointing out my moustache when I was 12.

"It's such a shame - it's such a broad experience for so many women.

"I just felt really ugly compared to other girls and I read all these teenage magazine articles which sold laser hair removal products - as if being hairy was the worst and most horrifying thing you could be.

"Now I feel like I'm comfortable in my skin, I've come home to myself."

Rosie's mum didn't want her daughter to be the brunt of jokes as she was and helped her daughter wax her legs and bleach her moustache.

She said: "My mum was trying to help as she didn't want me to suffer like she did.

"When I had my legs waxed for the first time, I didn't understand what was going on because being waxed hurts.

"When I was a little girl, I was the kid who would win the hairy arm competitions against the boys, and I was happy about it.

"It's when you hit puberty it becomes an undesirable thing."

Rosie says being a feminist has allowed her to step back and analyse the double standards of society.

She started by growing her arm pit hair and shaving the rest of her body less.

Rosie says she enjoyed watching her hair grow and she hated shaving so much, she decided to hang up the razor for good.

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