Smells Like Dubstep (Festival Dance Music Thriller Mix) - Instrumental EDM

  • last year
This song will make you want to get up and dance. Since the song first started there was a strong beat and I could not stay in my seat. They were not kidding when this song was described as a festive dance music thriller.

It took me a minute to try to determine the style then I just went with the beat. I like how the song went on the tempo changed a little. There was the addition of instruments that made a really cool sound. I felt like I could start tapping along to the beat. It was upbeat and lively. This is what I am looking for in dance music.

As the song went on the beat kept on growing and it was keeping my attention. There was a climax in the music where I could tell things were getting louder. I would play this song at any dance party that I was going to go to. This song is attention getting and it will get people up and moving.

I did not mind that there were no lyrics to this song. The music was so lively and entertaining that it did not matter. I wanted to keep on listening to it and did not want it to stop. As long as the song was going I was moving. I liked near the end of this song there were some sounds to make it sound out of this world.

I would list to this song when I need the energy to get going. I would like to begin my day with it because it would give me the energy that I need. I liked all of the bass and I would listen to this song at any party to help lighten the mood.

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