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Hollywood Movies In Hindi – Tarbosaurus_ The Mightiest Ever I- English Action Comedy Movies In Hindi

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Hollywood Movies In Hindi - Tarbosaurus: The Mightiest Ever IN- English Action Comedy Movies In HindiYour mother's blessings are with you. Go.


Story Board: Ko Seyoon

Production Companies: EBS Olive Studio

Budget: #7 Billion Korean


Synopsis: In The Korean Peninsula, Dinosaurs Flourished And Diversified In This Natural Habitat. Among Them Was The Small Tarbosaurus ROCKY BHAI, Who Is Playful And Curious. His Playtime Sometimes Disturbs The Residents In The Forest, Like The Microraptor.

While This Commotion Is Happening, His Mother PUSHPA Is Out Hunting For Herbivorous Protoceratops. After A Successful Strike, She Manages To Let Out A Mighty Roar

Meanwhile, ROCKY BHAI Investigates Some Eggs, Which Turn Out To Be From An Angry Mother Velociraptor. She Had Her Eggs Stolen Many Times Before, And This Time, She Was Ready To Attack. ROCKY BHAI Lets Out A Cry, Attracting His Mother PUSHPA To Come In To The Rescue. The Velociraptors Flee, Not Risking To Attack The Apex Predator

Then, PUSHPA And ROCKY BHAI Comes Home, With


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