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Music-loving one-year-old sings his heart out to gospel song "this little light of mine" - before he can even speak

This adorable video shows a one-year-old baby singing his heart out to the traditional gospel song 'this little light of mine'.

Mum Mada Cantwell, 27, filmed little Taidgh holding on to the TV stand as he stares at the television and sings along to a cartoon.

Taidgh, who turned one in September last year, started singing before he could even speak.

Mada says Taidgh has been singing since he could make a sound and always sings along to nursery rhymes or songs from cartoons.

Taidgh is a quick learner - he can listen to a song and by bedtime he has already memorised parts of it.

Mada, a payroll technician and avid singer herself, said: "He's always been singing, ever since he could make a sound it's been a harmony.

"I just encourage him to sing. I might sign him up for singing classes in the future, but only if that's what he wants.

"I do think I might have a little musician on my hands."

Mada, from Kilkenny, Ireland, thinks that Taidgh's talent comes from his family.

Mada herself sings and dances and Taidgh's father, Larry, is a bit of a dancer himself.

She added: "I'm always singing and dancing around the house, and his dad and brother are too."

Larry, 31, who works in financial services, said: "I'm his number one groupie - his biggest fan."

While the video has accrued over a million views, Taidgh isn't as much of a performer in real life and doesn't often sing in front of others.

Mada added: "He sings every day, but he's a bit shy, so he doesn't really sing in front of other people.

"The reception he's had on Tiktok has been amazing. I'm the proudest mum. Everyone's been very sweet. I've seen other parents asking about singing lessons."

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