Rappler’s highlights: MT Princess Empress charterer, BTS & 2023 Oscars | March 13, 2023 | The wRap
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Today on Rappler – the latest news in the Philippines and around the world:
- It was a San Miguel Shipping subsidiary that chartered MT Princess Empress
- Court convicts ex-cop for teenager killings linked to Duterte drug war
- ‘The Glory’ director Ahn Gil-ho apologizes for school bullying incident during stay in PH
- Signature Bank becomes next casualty of banking turmoil after SVB
- K-pop giant HYBE drops bid for SM Entertainment, ending takeover battle
- WOW! BTS breaks own Guinness World Record for most streamed group on Spotify
- Unconventional ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ wins best picture at the Oscars 2023