Stats converter (Conversor de stats) PS2 to PS1 Winning Eleven PES

  • last year
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I've already seen some PS2 to PS1 stat format converters, but I wanted to fix some things and improve others, also using the players' special abilities.
This converter applies to PS2 games PES2 to PES2014 (or even PC PES6).
For those who like to edit, I think it can be useful.

Some features:

- Attack level also considers "Positioning"(+1), "Scoring"(+0.5), "1-1 Scoring"(+0.5) and "Line Positioning"(+0.5) skills

- Defense level also considers "Marking", "Sliding", "Covering", "D-Line" (all +0.5), as well as, for goalkeepers, "1-1 Stopper" (+0.8) and extra points for "GK Skills"

- Technique considers "1-touch pass" (+0.5) and extra points for "Dribble Acc." and by "Shot Technique" (+0.3 , +0.7, +0.12 or +0.18 each when going over 80, 85, 90 and 95)

- Dribbling is calculated through an algorithm that takes a average of Dribble Acc. and Dribble Speed, but with more emphasis on Dribble Acc. and higher values ​​(going over 85, 90 and 95 earns extra points)

- Passing is calculated by taking the average between short and long passes, adding 1 point for "PlayMaking", "Passing" and "Feed Kick" skills for goalkeepers with quality when replacing the ball. Higher numbers (greater than 85, 90 and 95) add points to the final tally.

- To calculate the quality of the shot:
* if "FK Acc." is greater than the total of "Shot Acc.", the algorithm takes the points of the kick considering some skill points "Scoring"(+0.75), "1-1 Scoring"(+0.75) and "Middle Shooting " (+1) and calculates an average with the "FK Acc.", considering extra points for those who are very good at free kicks.
* if "Shot Acc." added to the extra points is greater than "FK Acc.", the result of the first one remains.

- Heading considers points if the player has "Scoring" skill (+1.5)

- Reaction time (Response) considers half a point per skill "1-1 stopper" of the goalkeepers.

- Aggressiveness considers "Reaction" (+0.75) and "Dribbling" (+0.75) skills

- To define whether the player can be considered ambidextrous, the average between "Weak Foot Acc" and "Weak Foot Frequency" is taken, considering half a point for the skill of "Both Ft Feint" (only for PES2 and PES3). In games that do not have "Weak Foot Frequency" (PES2 and PES3), "Both Ft Feint" is added to "Weak Foot Acc" only. If the sum is greater than 6.5: ambidextrous

- There is no way to define the body width just by looking at the player's height and weight, since there are heavy and not so wide people. There are different physical types, in addition to which muscles weighs more than fat, among other details...
I made a tab about it at the end of the file.